Bridge Scour Mitigation

RESPEC’s dedicated team of engineers and environmental specialists have developed over 200 plans of action (POAs) for scour critical bridges in accordance with Federal Highway Administration requirements, including HEC-18 and HEC-23 guidance. Our team implements US Geological Survey (USGS) protocols to rapidly estimate scour at highway bridges based on limited site data. RESPEC can help with:

• Hydraulic surveys
• Hydrologic analysis
• HEC-RAS and SRH-2D hydraulic modeling
• Rapid scour analysis
• Detailed scour analysis using HEC-18
• Scour countermeasure designs and cost estimates
• Scour monitoring recommendations

Our scour analysis expertise has led to Department of Transportation requests for RESPEC to develop scour procedure documents; scour countermeasure construction plans, including emergency repairs; and post-flood scour inspections. RESPEC has designed and provided construction observation services for a wide variety of scour countermeasures, including grade-control structures, guide banks, bendway weirs, riprap armoring, and slope stabilization.

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