RESPEC’s most important objective, when designing educational facilities, is to aid in student growth. We do this by developing long-term, low-maintenance, efficient solutions to suit students’ needs. Our work reduces the operational costs of buildings and ultimately allows school district, university, and other institutional clients to focus more on their overarching goal to educate.

RESPEC has led the design and planning for renovations, additions, and new construction projects in more than 250 communities and remote sites. Our experience ranges from K-12 schools, research laboratories, archive buildings, pools, and auditoriums to student housing, libraries, and museums. Our other specialties include existing construction services, such as control upgrades, as-built documentation, and commissioning.

By the end of our work, we strive to have formed lasting relationships with our clients backed up by keeping our lines of communication open. We want to ensure that by the time your project is done, your students and faculty are excited to be in their new building and that all of its systems make it as welcoming as possible.

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