Employee Stock Ownership Plan

In our employee-owned company, we inspire our employees to apply our collective know-how to delivering world-class solutions. By offering equity ownership through the ESOP, we differentiate ourselves as a great place to work.

Company Longevity

ESOP companies are 25% more likely to stay in business.

Increased Wages

Employees at ESOP companies receive 5-12% more in wages.

Return on Assets

ESOP companies see average yearly post-ESOP improvement in return on assets of 2.7%.

Job Growth

ESOP companies have 25% higher job growth over a 10-year period

Growth Oriented

ESOP companies increased sales by approximately 2.3-2.4% per year.

Larger Retirement Funds

Employees at ESOP companies have 2.5 times higher retirement accounts.


Working for an ESOP company provides more benefits than just a retirement account. Employee ownership brings economic power — take RESPEC’s 50-year history and successful growth record as proof.


We are proud to retain employees through full vesting and beyond. When an employee reaches full vesting in the ESOP, we celebrate the milestone with a symbolic vest. Our pride of ownership is shared by each employee and acts as a continual reminder that we work together and for each other.

"As an employee owner, I know that our efforts benefit me and those around me. I feel a deep satisfaction knowing that what I am doing is building a future for my team, not an outside stakeholder."

Eric Krantz, Project Engineer

"Our ESOP is a great example of RESPEC's passion, accountability, care and teamwork. My pride of ownership is demonstrated through my dedication to my work, and RESPEC invests the profits from my hard work back in me."

Amy Hasvold, Strategic Programs Manager

"I benefit from being part of an ESOP company because RESPEC is looking out for my future. In this day and age, that means a lot to me and my family."

John Kerwin, Manager