Design Survey

RESPEC knows that when it comes to development projects, every detail counts. Before starting your project, you may ask, “Is the project in a good location? What are the natural features of the land? Where are your boundaries in relation to other boundaries?” When you have these questions, RESPEC gets you answers with a design survey.

RESPEC surveyors start a design survey looking at all fixed improvements—buildings, fences, and roads—in the area. We take this data to identify your project’s boundaries in relation to these improvements, other boundaries, and right-of-way lines. Once marks are made, and controls are set, we combine our survey data into a topographic map that gives you a visual representation of the land’s contours, ditches, and rivers. Then, we develop our survey drawings. The final product is a base-map that RESPEC engineers can use to start their designs, knowing unforeseen circumstances won’t inhibit it. Once the final design is done, your development project is ready to start.

RESPEC surveyors are waiting to help get your project started right. Our accurate design surveys mitigate risks, keep costs down, and set your projects up for success.

With design surveys, we also provide:
· Topographic Surveying and Mapping
· As-built Surveys

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