Data Integration

With over 25 years of experience in legacy system integration, RESPEC has the requisite knowledge and expertise to help transform your aging mainframe systems. Our team of architects designs, develops, and deploys updated systems to help you operate more efficiently in today’s progressive global environment.

At RESPEC, we understand that replacing a legacy system can be a daunting task that affects every aspect of your internal operation. For this reason, we developed the Collaborative Online Archival Library (COAL). COAL is a customer-centric, consolidated master data management, reporting, and analysis system that integrates with multiple systems and merges disparate data systems into a single enterprise record. COAL allows our clients to cleanse and stage data for their modernization projects while minimizing discrepancies and reducing errors. With COAL, our clients have a complete and single view of their customer data so that they can understand, visualize, and analyze the data more effectively.

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