Complex Data Management project

Creating an innovative data warehouse design to free up data for better business and analytics.

Dallas, Texas

With 60,000 employees worldwide managing cash for customers in over 100 countries, Brink’s, Inc. (Brink’s) data-management system required a high level of functional excellence to contribute to their long-time reputation for trust, security, and safety.   As the world’s largest cash-management company, Brink’s serves financial institutions, retailers, governments, and other industries with a variety of services, including armored-car transportation, money processing, long-distance transport, vaults, and intelligent safes.

When the RESPEC team was hired, all of the massive data for the operation and its wide range of services were tied up in siloed, stand-alone systems.  The outmoded data systems were wasting resources and contributing to unclear business analytics.  By maintaining invisible divisions within the business, data silos made it difficult for executives and management to identify a complete view of their customer base or analyze the true cost of doing business.   Brink’s needed a data-management solution with the capacity to fully interpret, share, cross-reference, and allow multiple departments to change shared datasets.

After RESPEC’s data-management team analyzed Brink’s data and requirements, we designed and architected an enterprise data warehouse that satisfied client needs company-wide across their Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, Cash Management, Route Management, and Customer Service divisions.  Understanding the client’s complex logistics and security measures were also essential to our project success.

RESPEC’s data-management professionals delivered a solution for an enterprise data warehouse that could satisfy all of the data-management needs across the entire global operation by using several technologies, including Oracle, Informatica, and Tableau, with source data from Oracle EBS, PeopleSoft, Flat Files, Call Center Software, Active Directory, SQL Server, and Dun & Bradstreet. First, RESPEC developed the data loads and automated them in Informatica. Data-quality processes were used to conform dimensional data across source systems.  We added customer data enrichment through an interface to Dun & Bradstreet, and dashboards and reports were then produced in Tableau.

RESPEC’s professionals led the successful data warehouse design and architecture that effectively managed data for the entire Brink’s enterprise.  The data freed from siloed stand-alone systems were used with much greater functionality.  Our new dashboards allowed the client to see a consolidated view of their business by using new reports, such as route efficiency, profitability, SLA measurement, and employee statistics. RESPEC’s comprehensive solution also gave the client an opportunity for strategic reporting with forecasting and potential new customers.  Our professionals are proud to contribute the RESPEC standard of excellence to a winning solution for Brink’s.