Construction Management

RESPEC clients range from small, local governments, to state agencies, to private community developments. These clients rely on RESPEC to help plan, design, and implement their infrastructure projects. Such projects require the ability to review contractor submittals and requests for information and provide field-level guidance on project construction.

RESPEC works with each client to understand the project construction needs and guide the project through bidding and contracting. Our team provides active due diligence reviewing, design submittals, contractor information requests, and review of pay applications, depending on the client. Each of our clients has a different engagement level in construction, and we work to tailor our services to partner with those clients to best serve their needs.

RESPEC implements innovation in our approach to construction management. We have used video surveillance, drone photography, and digital mapping products to enhance the project understanding of our client partners throughout the process. Our capability of showing real-time data and information has enhanced our clients’ abilities to make decisions and field modifications for projects, which ensures sound completion and streamlines long-term operations and maintenance.

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