Geothermal Energy

Founded in 1969, RESPEC has more than 500 employees across North America and strategic alliances worldwide. RESPEC unites engineering, applied science, and technology expertise with professional and creative services. Our team has been on the leading edge of geothermal field development since 2010. RESPEC has experience in conceptual modeling, data collection and integration, numerical reservoir simulation, exploration targeting, well design and testing, and general development project management. We are experts in exploring, designing, constructing, starting up, and operating geothermal wells, resource, and power production facilities worldwide. Our team has worked on single, dual, triple flash and binary power plants, and direct use projects in 42 geothermal fields in 13 countries. RESPEC has participated in feasibility studies to support successfully operating commercial projects. We provide data storage and high-performance computing services to best support our clients innovative geothermal reservoir simulation and operations optimization. Our breadth of experience allows us to work with world experts and form and manage teams with the behavior and skillsets that result in successful projects.

As the world pushes toward greener energy solutions, geothermal energy offers us a cost-effective and reliable power and heat alternative. To extract the resource, you need a multidisciplinary team that blends geosciences, geophysics, geochemistry, and geomechanics with innovative, modern data analytics. You need a team that possesses a deep understanding of geothermal resource characterization. You need RESPEC.

RESPEC has worked on geothermal research and development worldwide, from the U.S. to Colombia to New Zealand. Our current work in Canada and Guatemala advances geothermal energy development, helping clients explore, drill, develop, and manage their projects. Because of our global experience in both high enthalpy hydrothermal and low enthalpy sedimentary heat systems, we can guide you through your geothermal project, no matter your location or resource. RESPEC engineers will start with a geologic investigation and project siting to help you determine the best drill site. Then we will provide drilling and wellfield design, reservoir engineering, field testing, and general project development and strategies.

RESPEC pulls together the best team for your needs. Like you, we are devoted to finding sustainable solutions, and we have the capacity to further your efforts. We will help you take your first step in fulfilling your vision for clean energy.

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RESPEC’s product line is geared towards making businesses and organizations better, faster, smarter, and safer. Our products benefit clients in need of greater efficiency, accuracy, and cost savings.

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