Rantau Dedap Geothermal Project

Sumatra, Indonesia
Fuji Electric

The Rantau Dedap Geothermal project includes a common fluid collection and injection system (FCIS), providing geothermal steam to two identical dual-pressure 49.2 MW projects. Dr. Dan Hoyer, working for Veizades, participated in a team that was subcontracted to Fuji Electric and a local Engineering, Procurement, and Construction contractor, Rekayasa. The team provided a high-level design of the FCIS for a 100 MW FCIS and an engineering review of the detailed design. The team also designed (including the detailed design) the separation and scrubbing stations for two 49.2 MW geothermal power plants, including the four separators, four scrubbers, and vent systems.

4. Well Drilling, Resource Production, and Power Plant and Transmission Line Construction