Docks and Harbors

You might think mixing electricity with water is a recipe for disaster, but RESPEC’s electrical expertise in waterfront construction is anything but shocking. Our engineers work with federal, municipal, and private clients to plan, design, and assist in dock and harbor projects across the globe—from Alaska to Antarctica.

With RESPEC, you have access to experts who work with the tides. A constant – and occasionally temperamental – ebb and flow require us to design for movement. To do so, we integrate state-of-the-art technologies and materials that adapt to unique, and often cold, environments.

We analyze problems, survey waterfront facilities, and develop cost-effective, sustainable designs that meet our clients’ needs. For example, we were one of the first to design the innovative shore power facility, which allows ships to siphon renewable energy while docked, rather than idle their engine. We also provide power for mooring ships, water and wastewater pumping stations, lighting and communications, dock safety and security, and much more. On small boats and cruise ships, our ideas have sailed to other ports. Now, industries all over the world replicate our designs.

Our clients trust RESPEC to deliver real innovation—and we do just that. Call upon an experienced staff who knows how to design for tidal difference, dock sizes, and different harbors. From conception to construction, we make sure the process is smooth sailing.

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