Community Design Solutions

RESPEC’s Community Design Solutions team is composed of professional engineers who provide comprehensive civil engineering services. Our team leads commercial, residential, and industrial projects, as well as public works in hydrology, flood control, water, and wastewater.

An experienced liaison, RESPEC coordinates among agencies, owners, utility service providers, and adjacent property owners to advance projects with core services: land development management, site and infrastructure civil design, construction management, and construction observation.

Experts in permitting, RESPEC’s team is fluent in regulations and permitting processes that impact development and construction sites, in addition to roadways, parks, and trails. Land conversion and infrastructure solutions require RESPEC’s specialized engineers to recognize risks and constraints that are critical to decision-making.

RESPEC’s staff has managed numerous development and construction projects over 30 years, including infrastructure for urban stormwater systems and water and wastewater systems. Our technical expertise includes planning, layout, design, evaluation, coordination, pro forma and costing assistance, and inspection.

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