RESPEC Provides Services for a Large Retail Site for More Than 14 Years

2006 - Present
New Mexico

RESPEC has helped several developers in Albuquerque, New Mexico, make logical building decisions with feasibility and cost-estimating services on the 30-acre Oxbow Retail Center since 2006.

Although construction has not yet begun, multiple interested parties have trusted RESPEC to grade the feasibility of their projects at the Albuquerque site. RESPEC has conducted cost-estimation, on- and off-site infrastructure planning, and general site planning to provide clients with a greater perspective of their project goals. The land is very expensive to build on, and RESPEC is helping clients understand all of their costs before they move forward with construction.

RESPEC has been hired by three clients for feasibility testing at the Oxbow Retail Center and plans to be a continued resource to future developers.