Sports and Recreation

RESPEC’s multidisciplinary team of engineers has helped municipalities and private organizations design sports and recreation facilities that define their communities. We know from experience how to balance inspired design with energy-efficient, cost-effective systems that deliver a long-term payback on performance. From the strategic use of daylighting to alternative energy systems to digital controls, our team is well-versed in incorporating proven solutions that keep operational and maintenance costs in check.

The RESPEC team starts by thoroughly studying a facility’s intended use and program of activities. By applying life-cycle cost analyses and energy modeling on the front end, we can help our customers to understand how their decisions will shape the long-term financial performance of their facilities.

From there, we work side by side with the design team to harmonize our solutions with the project budget and schedule. We ensure that the design intent is followed through to the end by overseeing and assisting in construction services. After construction has been completed, we can commission our clients’ systems to operate at peak performance long after opening day. RESPEC can also create an operations and management plan that incorporates details from our building information modeling software to streamline and improve system maintenance.

Whether you are building a recreation center, field house, gymnasium, aquatic center, or other community asset, we have the knowledge, skill set, and vision to design a facility that will deliver long-term benefits to your bottom line.

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RESPEC Technologies

RESPEC utilizes a variety of cutting edge technologies to enhance project delivery and add value to the final product. These tools can give our clients a more holistic view of their project than ever before possible, when compared to traditional methodologies.

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