Developed by RESPEC for the Solution Mining Research Institute (SMRI), SALT_SUBSID is a three-dimensional computer program that was developed to simulate ground subsidence above solution-mined caverns or dry mines in salt, potash, and trona deposits.  In addition to vertical subsidence, SALT_SUBSID predicts the horizontal displacements, strains, ground-surface tilt, and curvature related to the closure of underground openings. Subsidence is estimated in SALT_SUBSID by using influence functions to relate the closure of underground openings to surface displacements.  A SALT_SUBSID model can be calibrated to measured surface-subsidence information and used to estimate closure rates of caverns or mines.  The solutions for each individual mine opening are superimposed to obtain an approximation for the total displacements at the ground surface.  The estimated surface-subsidence and subsidence rates are based on the size, depth, and closure rate of the excavations.


Clients use SALT_SUBSID to:

  • Simulate ground subsidence above solution-mined caverns or dry mines.
  • Predict horizontal displacements and strains.
  • Predict ground-surface tilt and curvature.
  • Estimate closure rates.