Monitoring & Instrumentation

An industry leader in mining, IT, and water resources, RESPEC uses a proven integrated approach in developing and delivering monitoring plans for biological, chemical, and physical data collection.

When developing water quality monitoring plans, we focus on selecting sites that quantify pollutant loads from tributaries and upland sources. In addition, we consider the timing of data collection to coincide with critical conditions, such as seasonal changes in stream flows and pollutant loads. RESPEC engages emerging technology, models, geospatial information, and hardware to perform cost-effective, credible, and easy-to-comprehend data collection and analyses. Modeling and statistical analyses are some of the many tools RESPEC uses to help clients understand data gaps to enhance the decision making in developing monitoring plans.

RESPEC prepares reports that summarize results and help identify future water quality monitoring and analysis needs. Our team is experienced at developing Sampling and Analysis Plans (SAPs) and Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPPs) for approval by state and federal agencies, and we can upload the results into numerous database formats.