Closure & Reclamation

As a world-renowned mining expert, RESPEC begins planning mine reclamation early in the mine planning process and helps operators and government agencies fulfill their obligations to each other and the public. Our team works closely with clients to achieve the mandated restoration requirements according to mine permitting and licensing.

A long-time expert in the reclamation of depleted mine sites, both surface and underground, RESPEC is regarded as a trusted advisor. For over 30 years, RESPEC’s award-winning team has performed reclamation engineering and design, regulatory compliance support, regrade and revegetation planning, subsidence monitoring and interpretation, Abandoned Mine Land (AML) services, and Asset Retirement Obligation (ARO) evaluations for many projects throughout the US. Our reclamation plans thoroughly describe processes to be used by operators to restore depleted mine sites. Typical projects include restoring mined properties with nonhazardous or special materials needs. RESPEC specializes in efficient reclamation plans and closures that meet all requirements using our years of experience in both the mining and regulatory environments, and state-of-the-art software such as Carlson Natural Regrade™ and RESPEC’s Land Information System (LIS). Our successful track record demonstrates how diligently we work to return lands to their original condition. In addition to restoration, RESPEC also designs major and minor land improvements and conversions.

Founded in 1969, RESPEC is a key liaison with state and federal agencies and leads the mining industry in environmental regulatory knowledge and compliance. Our professionals take a leadership role on projects to ensure consistent, responsive, and professional services to our clients and all stakeholders. RESPEC has performed due diligence for many different commodities throughout the world. Our experience in mining, reclamation, and the regulatory environment culminates in a detailed understanding of all components required to accurately estimate an ARO.

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