GeoSequel® is the sample data management system for mining that is designed for all users including exploration geologists, grade control and reconciliation personnel, in-house laboratory managers and technicians, and environmental managers and technicians.

GeoSequel® is easy to use, easy to administer, and reasonably priced. We’ve eliminated bottlenecks in data loading and access, and we’ve maintained high security and the chain of custody on samples.

GeoSequel® communicates with all general mine planning (GMP) programs and geographic information systems (GIS) and is not locked into expensive, single-user modeling applications.

It is designed to handle drill holes and drill-hole samples; channels, blastholes, and associated samples; samples collected in the material process stream; and samples collected for environmental monitoring. An integrated laboratory information management system (LIMS) is included for in-house laboratories with a unique design that will satisfy both laboratory managers and grade-control personnel.

Logging of multiple types of interval sets can be completed in either detached or connected modes. It is easy to switch between logging geology, alteration, mineralization, weathering and geotechnical intervals.

We have unique solutions for importing data from any external laboratory and exporting data to any modeling application. Standard quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) reports only take a click or two or can be automatically generated and sent; you can also add to the reports.

GeoSequel® can save you money and time, and protect your investment.

Intrigued? Let us give you an overview; we can also easily provide a webcast demo.

Clients use GeoSequel® to:

  • Standardize geological and geotechnical logging, even when not connected to the main database
  • Ensure an unbroken chain of custody for samples and results
  • Maintain a single source of truth for all samples and results
  • Facilitate quality assurance and quality control
  • Interface with in-house laboratories especially for grade control
  • Facilitate reconciliation by tracking process stream samples
  • Automate environmental reporting
  • Adapt data management for any type of metal, industrial mineral or aggregate deposit
  • Facilitate knowledge transfer

To expand functionality and ease of use, we also provide five applications that are designed for tablets and laptops that run Windows, as well as an Android phone app, for quick access to hole information and basic reports. These applications are all included in a GeoSequel® license.

The core of GeoSequel® is its web-based database manager that is powered by SQL Server and it is available as a cloud subscription or site-based installation. As your project moves through the stages from exploration to production, GeoSequel® can grow with you. The system can be used during reclamation monitoring and automated to produce government agency reports. Environmental monitoring sample management and reporting are important components of the application.










With the disciplined and rigorously enforced logic of the GeoSequel® design, a variety of interactive workflows are set up to easily guide you through the primary tasks. Three examples of the many interactive workflows are provided below.








Approximately 95 percent of the database administrative tasks can be easily completed through a set of procedures. These tasks can be taught in under 2 hours without the need to open SQL Server. Some of the administrative tasks that are available through the GeoSequel® interface are provided below.







Data preparation for loading into a sample management system can be time -consuming and tedious; however, to ensure that the analyses are the single source of truth, procedures must be followed. GeoSequel® has several tools to expedite this process. Each laboratory has one or more standardized formats for certificates. GeoSequel® can store multiple formats for every laboratory used (including internal laboratories). The import formats have the ability to automatically parse the data into the structured format used by GeoSequel®.










With GeoSequel® LabTools, your on-site laboratory no longer needs an expensive LIMS application. LabTools can accommodate any sample or analysis type. If your workflow requires that laboratory personnel create transmittals, LabTools has full transmittal functionality. LabTools also has a built-in capability to buffer between finalized laboratory results and operations personnel (including environmental managers).













GeoSequel® Logger can be used when connected to the main database or, more importantly, in detached mode. For those that work in a remote core shack or out at the rig, Logger provides full functionality for logging formations, lithologies, structure, and geotechnical details. Alteration, mineralization, and weathering can also be logged into separate interval sets. You can generate samples; insert duplicates, blanks, and standards; select analyses or analyses groups; and renumber before the samples and transmittals are sent to the laboratory. Barcoding is available throughout the application.













GeoSequel® Tools facilitates importing certificates and loading historical data. A preload check of certified analyses is available. Tools also has the ability to quickly parse and tabulate the sample details (e.g., numbers, standards, and duplicates) that have not been loaded into GeoSequel®—a time savings of more than 90 percent in data preparation!















GeoSequel® Link facilitates output to formats that can be handled by GMP applications such as Surpac, Vulcan, Minesight, Datamine, and Leapfrog. A view is set up in GeoSequel® and the data are extracted. Conversions and calculations are performed spontaneously, and table names and attributes are translated to follow the naming conventions of the GMP program. Output can be to Access, Excel, CSV or Google Sheet files, DXF, or a single-property GeoSequel® database.












GeoSequel® Stor is a lightweight app that is used in detached mode to track core boxes, samples, and pulps. This app is one of many sections in GeoSequel® that take advantage of time savings and increased accuracy with barcodes. When the warehousing task is complete, the data can be synchronized with the main database.


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