Land Information System (LIS)

Land Information System (LIS), a management and analytics tool designed by RESPEC, is used to efficiently manage all aspects of land control needed in relation to mining and asset management. At its core, LIS focuses on centralizing all land-related data (e.g., property boundaries, deeds, permit boundaries, permit documents, property values, and reserve values) into a cloud-spatial database where data can be easily queried and analyzed. Along with the spatial database, LIS also features a simple yet robust document management system that gives users the ability to manage and manipulate all data from an easy-to-use web application. The web application has an interactive mapping view to visualize data spatially.


Clients use LIS for:

  • Managing land portfolios and assets.
  • Reporting land values and viewing land value trends.
  • Conducting exploration and mine expansion analytics.
  • Managing permitting and environmental compliance.
  • Managing land acquisitions.
  • Conducting reserve tracking and logistics analytics.


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