Carbon Capture Utilization & Sequestration

RESPEC knows industries, governments, and individual companies are being asked to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, particularly carbon dioxide. As global conversations around mitigation efforts have intensified and governments implement decarbonization incentive programs, the importance of carbon capture utilization and sequestration (CCUS) has come to the forefront. RESPEC has the experience and ability to guide you through the CCUS process to make your project a success.

RESPEC works to help companies reduce their carbon emissions through CCUS projects. Our geologists, engineers, and drilling experts will work with you on geologic investigations, pre-feasibility studies, permitting, drilling, lab testing, and reservoir modeling and injection design for your decarbonization needs. Once the carbon is captured, we will model plume migration and potential pressure build-up to emulate carbon behavior underground and support risk management. From wellhead to reservoir, we will work to ensure safe carbon sequestration.

Like you, RESPEC operates with sustainability in mind. We know your goal is to reach net-zero. CCUS projects are the way to go. We’re ready to help you respond to the rising need for decarbonization and usher in a cleaner world for future generations.

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