RESPEC’s integrated geology and engineering team serves the global mining industry with unsurpassed experience in commodity exploration and mining. Our Registered Professional Geologists accurately interpret geologic data for enhanced exploration targeting success.

RESPEC provides clients with well-site support and core logging to determine mineability, provide high confidence, and reduce risks. Experts in exploration, drill program design, and drilling procurement, RESPEC’s team creates valuable project insight by gathering, evaluating, and interpreting data for mining and mineral clients.

Our team efficiently budgets, manages, and operates a variety of commodity projects, with a specialty in potash and salt. We work with clients worldwide to design and manage exploration programs ranging from grassroots assessments to operating mine settings. RESPEC’s qualified professionals fully comprehend reporting guidelines from the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM) and others. An invaluable precursor to extraction, RESPEC’s high-accuracy analyses provide geological, economic, and technical confidence regarding the value of mineral resources and deposits.

A leader in smart mining and database management, RESPEC performs desktop studies and exploration planning. Our experts design and observe drilling, coring, well installation, disposal well planning, sampling programs, and full-procurement drilling. Our capabilities include well-site support, core logging, geological 3D modeling (including Vulcan, Surpac, and Carlson), and mineral resource estimations. With experience in JORC, SEC SK 1300, and NI 43-101 technical reporting, we’re experts in permitting, regulations, and well licenses from SMER, ERCB, and OGC. We’re also very experienced in ArcGIS mapping, prefeasibility studies, and due diligence support.

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