CanPacific Potash Mineral Resource and Drilling

Updating resource-estimation results for a 1,500-meter potash exploration well that was completed ahead of schedule and under budget.

East of Regina, Saskatchewan
CanPacific Potash

In June 2014, Rio Tinto and North Atlantic Potash formed a joint venture on the Albany Potash project that is located in southern Saskatchewan. RESPEC was contracted to complete an updated Mineral Resource Estimation. Our team reviewed the previously collected data to create a three-dimensional geological resource model in Vulcan. Based on our extensive experience in potash exploration, an infill well was located to maximize the resource based on future engineering plans.

In 2016, RESPEC was contracted by CanPacific Potash to drill a characterization borehole for their greenfield potash project near Sedley, Saskatchewan. The RESPEC drilling team handled all aspects of the drilling process, including the following:

  • Hole placement
  • Permitting and land acquisition
  • Safety program
  • Well planning and program development
  • Bid collection and cost estimate
  • Subcontractors coordination
  • Drilling program execution
  • Reclamation

The drilling was successfully completed under budget, on schedule, and without any incidents. The geological work is ongoing and the end result will be a potash resource estimate for future mining considerations.


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Image for Greenfield Canadian Potash

Greenfield Canadian Potash Saskatchewan, Canada

Image for Potash Resource Estimation

Potash Resource Estimation North America