A global leader in mine design and optimization, RESPEC is an expert in smart mining practices, environmental regulations, and the economic and production trends of the metal, nonmetal, coal, and energy industries. Founded in 1969, RESPEC has wide-ranging engineering and design expertise in resource assessment, mine planning, fleet management, feasibility and reserve analyses, environmental permitting and regulatory compliance, impact studies, and aggregate processing design. To help companies optimize mine operations, RESPEC’s team engineers, designs, and evaluates many operational components.

Assisting clients to achieve operational excellence, we oversee complex mining operations to maximize efficiency and keep them in good standing. RESPEC uses wide-ranging expertise in operating costs analysis and evaluation, estimation, financial analysis, and audits for operations, health, and safety. To help clients achieve long-term profitability, RESPEC’s mine planning factors in deposit variability and how it impacts operational goals. Our global team also oversees project execution, construction, contractor management, and reclamation planning and closure.

A world-renowned leader in improving ore and mineral production quality and yield, RESPEC is an expert in short-term, mid-range, and long-term mine planning at the beginning of a project and after construction is done. We continue mine planning from an operations standpoint to ensure that clients achieve operational efficiency that results in more significant value creation. RESPEC benefits the market with advanced integrated technology solutions for quality, productivity, and safety.

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