From the Arctic to the Antarctic

The unique aspects of the Arctic, the Antarctic, and the people who call these regions home combine to create circumstances that make for exceptional projects and expose our true passion for what we do. From technical challenges to cultural understanding, our team endeavors to find the right solution for the right challenge at the right time.

Deep seasonal frost, continuous and discontinuous permafrost, and associated ground-ice characteristics pose unique challenges for infrastructure projects across Arctic and Antarctic regions. This paired with non-traditional utility needs, short construction seasons, and logistically difficult field explorations have honed our infrastructure team of planners, surveyors, and engineers into the responsive, forward-thinking, specialists we are known for today.

Our focus always boils down to the end user and the community our work will benefit. There is a rich cultural identity the people of the Arctic and sub-Arctic possess with a knowledge and history of their land spanning thousands of years. Similarly, individuals in remote stations for research, military, or resource extraction purposes have an acute awareness of what their teams need to succeed. In both circumstances, we bring an open-minded approach to project management, hosting planning sessions, community meetings, and the ability to learn as well as apply our own expertise. This allows our projects to not only succeed in meeting our clients’ needs in the short run, but also remain robust enough to meet the challenges of these rapidly evolving environments into the future. Nowhere is this more important.

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Rural to Remote

Our experience spans Alaska, the Yukon, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia, as well as Greenland and Antarctica. In communities and stations numbering hundreds to tens, innovative collaboration systems such as cloud-based, Building Information Management (BIM) and live virtual reality sessions have helped us manage projects across continents. This work history in remote locations gives us a keen interest in getting the job done right the first time.

Culture and Environment

Traditional ways of life, community-centric mentalities, fragile ecosystems, and challenging terrain, are areas where we excel. We understand the Arctic and its people are unique and complex. Our goal is always to strive to develop innovative approaches to traditional designs in these regions. With deep roots here, we have strong planning, surveying, and engineering experience to lean on. At the same time, we know there is always more to learn.


Nearly a quarter of RESPEC’s employees are Alaskan and Canadian residents, many living in the subarctic region. We know what extreme cold, wind, and rain can do if not mitigated. Our years of experience and everyday life experiences inform our designs, making sure your project is truly built to last and stand up to the harshest conditions.