Community of Galena Projects

Galena, Alaska

Since 1999, our enduring partnership with the Galena community has been pivotal in delivering a range of projects, from utility distribution to housing development, that address the evolving needs and honor the traditions of this remote Alaskan locale. Our commitment to standardization across projects ensures cost-effective, sustainable designs that enhance maintainability and local workforce empowerment. 

Our scope of work has been extensive, encompassing master planning for water treatment systems initiated in 1999 to the recent 2024 Galena Teacher Housing project, all tailored to align with Galena’s goals. To streamline maintenance and operations, we have consistently prioritized standardization, such as utilizing similar mechanical equipment across facilities. This approach has facilitated the delivery of numerous projects, including community centers and utility distribution systems, while hundreds of site visits have solidified our alignment with the community’s objectives and respect for their cultural heritage. 

Our approach included hands-on engagement and responsiveness, as demonstrated in 2013 when we swiftly addressed Galena’s flood-induced water/waste system crisis. By fostering a collaborative environment with community leaders, we have implemented both immediate and resilient long-term solutions, ensuring that each project meets the current needs and withstands the challenges posed by climate change.