RESPEC understands the power of lighting. Our engineers design for safety and security because we know that dock safety is paramount. RESPEC maintains energy-efficient lighting and delivers quality solutions to our clients. We work with you to evaluate conditions, provide cost comparisons, and deliver sustainable solutions that meet your needs.

RESPEC engineers illuminate moving surfaces. We design lighting for docks, launch ramps, boardwalks, floats, and other marine infrastructure to ensure that people are safe near the water. Our staff is well-versed in lighting and control systems that vary in application, from manual switching to sophisticated software control schemes. We deliver energy-efficient and code-compliant designs that are maintainable and sustainable in cold, remote, and unique conditions.

In addition to safety and security, RESPEC turns dock lighting into an experience. We infuse beauty into our lighting while making sure it remains technically functional. Each of our designs meets our client’s specifications and reflects their unique environments, causing little interference to surrounding properties. Doing so ensures that people are given enjoyable, safe environments to work in or recreate.

If you need help with lighting systems on your dock, reach out to RESPEC. Our experts will coordinate with you to combine high quality and efficiency with aesthetically pleasing systems that suit your needs.

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RESPEC utilizes a variety of cutting edge technologies to enhance project delivery and add value to the final product. These tools can give our clients a more holistic view of their project than ever before possible, when compared to traditional methodologies.

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