Drone Utilization

Sometimes, you just need a bird’s-eye view of your project or property. RESPEC can make it happen. We’re staffed with Federal Aviation Administration–certified drone pilots, ready to take your project to new heights. We use sophisticated drone technology to survey land, inspect infrastructure, provide aerial photography, and collect and distribute data for RESPEC design teams and clients.

RESPEC drone pilots are at the forefront of survey and mapping-grade data collection. We use drones to collect orthomosaics (interactive maps), point clouds, and contours to support or replace traditionally collected survey data. You get high-resolution imagery and 3D models, which allows you and RESPEC design teams to pinpoint concerns and ask questions.

With drones, you get real-time imagery that makes it easier to make informed decisions. If we need to collect more data, we can use a drone. Using drones in mines, rugged terrain, and hard-to-reach places helps us keep our personnel safe while providing a cost-effective alternative to your project.

RESPEC uses innovative, up-to-date technology to make sure you have the most accurate information possible. RESPEC surveyors and drone pilots are ready to bring our drone expertise and technology to your next big project.

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