Carlson Boretrak®2

The Carlson Boretrak®2 is the recommended borehole survey tool for mining and construction applications. It is a simple-to-use portable system that measures the deviation of boreholes with accuracies to +/- 0.1 degree for reliable data. With an internal gyro, the system can be deployed at any orientation, 360 degrees. The system accurately audits drilling activity and can be used in multiple environments, such as underground mines or on the surface in quarries or open-pit mines. The Boretrak®2 records and displays data in real-time in an optional 3D graphical mode, 2D schematic mode, or tabular formats. Reports can be quickly generated in the field, featuring data on each hole with tabular data outlining each reading during deployment. The system can also be georeferenced and related to a local coordinate system.

Boretrak®2 systems are used to:

  • Avoid borehole deviation, risks, and associated costs.
  • Reduce fly-rock caused by poorly designed blasts.
  • Improve powder factor throughout the borehole.
  • Maintain uniform floor elevations.
  • Work safely and boost an area’s safety.
  • Improve blasting efficiency.
  • Survey for exploration and foundation drilling.
  • Enhance quarry blasting results.
  • Produce optimum fragmentation.
  • Control engineering performance.
  • Comply with quarrying legislation.

Applications for the Boretrak®2:

  • Quarry and cast blasting
  • Underground heading blasting
  • Block caving operations
  • Exploration and foundation drilling
  • Dam pinning
  • Construction
  • Piling
  • QA/QC

“After using the Boretrak 2 system for about 3 years, it is safe to say that it is one of the most vital tools in our artificial ground freezing operations. We use the system to measure the downhole deviation of 3” diameter steel pipes that are drilled or driven into the ground (generally between 20ft to 150 ft). Most projects require dozens if not hundreds of these pipes and the Boretrak 2 system provides the capability to accurately measure the distance between adjacent pipes relative to depth. This information allows us to accurately predict our freezedown timeline and assess the structural performance of the as-built freeze system. The Boretrak 2 is a lightweight, highly portable system that is easy to operate and provides borehole/pipe deviations within minutes. We also enjoy the app which allows you to view boreholes in 3D on your phone, while you are using the system, and the compatibility with CAD software which allows for easy manipulation and display of the downhole data.” – Kyle Amoroso, Project Engineer, SoilFreeze

Intuitive Carlson Boretrak Software

Carlson Boretrak can be operated on any Windows- or Android-based computer or tablet. Users can setup a project, import hole coordinates, set up design holes, and import third-party data to form a background to the collected Boretrak2 data. The system operates via Bluetooth connection and data is automatically synced from the Boretrak2 to the mobile device. Files can easily be transferred to an office computer for additional processing.

Reliable in Extreme Environments

  • Waterproof/dustproof – stainless steel probe rated IP68
  • Deployable in small boreholes – 40 mm diameter
  • Workable in temperatures ranging from -10°C to +60°C
  • Operable in areas of magnetic interference and flooded holes
  • Portable, lightweight, and hand-deployable – can be used by a single operator

Compatible Accessories to Support Easy Deployment

  • Lightweight, marked steel wireline cable
  • Semi-rigid push cable
  • Rigid pushrods