Plachek Pit Reclamation Project

Restoring mine lands to their natural state.

2007 - Present
Sheridan County, Wyoming
Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality Abandoned Mine Land Division

The Abandoned Mine Land (AML) 17J Plachek Pit project was once a productive coal mine, but it ceased work in 1963. Currently, the Plachek Pit consists of hazards including a large highwall; a pit filled with water; underground mine workings; and an ongoing, underground mine fire. RESPEC’s reclamation plans include fully realigning the channel of Goose Creek, constructing wetlands and a wildlife habitat, and mitigating an open pit and a large highwall. The design for this project features newly developed, creative techniques to reclaim the area to its natural state. The project represents a comprehensive environmental restoration effort of surface and subsurface conditions. RESPEC carefully researched the premining conditions to achieve a postreclamation state that closely resembles the area before it was mined.