Tasman Pulp and Paper

New Zealand
Carter Holt Harvey

While working with Mercury Energy, RESPEC led a feasibility study to supply approximately 100 megawatts thermal of geothermal fluids to a paper mill located near the 100-megawatt electrical Kawarau Power Plant, well field, and resource production system. The pulp and paper plant, which processed logs from the nearby Kaingoroa forest, was built in the 1950s and relied on geothermal steam as a power source. To replace the gas heater on a digestion tank, the RESPEC team worked with the Sinclair Knight Merz (now Jacobs Engineering) and Carter Holt Harvey staff to perform a feasibility study with coproduction and system management from the new Kawarau Power Plant. This study demonstrated that the project was commercially viable, with the potential for direct heat use and power generation to increase overall efficiency. The Carter Holt Harvey and Mercury Energy board members approved the project, and RESPEC managed the budget and contractors to drill wells; installed the geothermally heated processing tanks, piping, and instrumentation; and commissioned and led the startup.

5. Startup and Operations
6. Direct Heat Use