Indian Health Services Data Warehouse

Designing and developing a data warehouse infrastructure that provides data analysis and reporting capabilities.

2006 - Present
Albuquerque-based support for the entire US
Indian Health Service Office of Information Technology

The Indian Health Service (IHS) Office of Information Technology (OIT) needs ongoing IT data analysis, reporting, and database support for the National Patient Information Reporting System (NPIRS).  NPIRS uses the National Data Warehouse (NDW)—the centralized single repository for the data collected from and for 566 federally recognized tribes across the US—along with the associated data marts and data stores.  RESPEC has provided this support and implementation since 2006.

RESPEC’s senior data warehouse architect and team of data analysts and database administrators defined the overall system and data architecture for the second-generation NDW, which incorporates a diverse set of data inputs.  RESPEC’s team designed and developed the complete infrastructure scope that includes all data standards, data marts, and the detailed technical design for this data warehouse.  For the future second-generation NDW, RESPEC evaluated and identified the desired infrastructure components, including the software, hardware, database warehouse management systems, and networking capabilities that will meet all of the desired requirements. RESPEC’s senior data warehouse architect provided the research and detailed design specifications and data standards for the human interface component that will use Business Intelligence, data mining, and reporting capabilities supported through both thick and thin provisioning. RESPEC was also responsible for ensuring complete system security as well as meeting the privacy act and HIPAA requirements throughout the design.

As designed and maintained by RESPEC, the National Data Warehouse produces various reports and a broad range of clinical and administrative information to all entities involved in this project. The RESPEC staff supporting the NPIRS project has developed a strong reputation throughout Indian Health Service as a highly competent and responsive team that can be counted on to provide high-quality solutions.