Project Details

Conducting a drill-and-blast audit in an underground gold mine.

Client: Kinross Chirano Gold Mine
Time Span: 2016
Location: Ghana

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Kinross Chirano underground gold mine uses a shrinkage stoping mining method partnered with a modified backfill process. Kinross requested a complete drill-and-blast audit to address poor fragmentation, drillhole collapse, and blast quality.  Kinross also requested that a training program be developed for their staff based on the findings of the audit.

RESPEC partnered with Lusk Consulting to conduct the drill-and-blast audit at Kinross.  RESPEC used drillhole deviation survey equipment, seismographs, the velocity of detonation equipment, photograph fragmentation, and borehole camera surveys to audit the drill-and-blast operations thoroughly.  RESPEC’s findings on the project were developed into a comprehensive training program and a continuous drill-and-blast improvement program.