POD Changes Name to RESPEC

January 1, 2017In 2006, POD and RESPEC teamed its service offerings through a corporate merger with RESPEC as the parent company.  Since its establishment in 1988, POD thrived to innovate mission-critical IT solutions that streamline the way organizations do business. Over the years, POD has come to be recognized for expertly delivering a wide variety of IT professional services and solutions to public and private clients across the country and in various industries. Over the past 10 years, POD and RESPEC have continued to deliver services to its customers under both brand names.  In this time, the POD and RESPEC team has expanded the industries it serves, the types of services and solutions offered, and the geographic regions covered.

Effective January 1, 2017, the corporate entities are consolidating and their customers will be served under a single brand name: RESPEC.  This consolidation alleviates brand confusion and improves our customer service in a variety of ways, but most importantly, our customers will have a broader reach and easier access to employees and subject-matter expertise across both corporate entities.



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