Alaska State Capitol Building Service/Power Equipment Renovation

Juneau, Alaska
State of Alaska

RESPEC was hired by the State of Alaska to design the renovation of the service and standby power equipment for the Capitol Building in downtown Juneau.

The Capitol Building service equipment is a complex switchboard inside the building with multiple service disconnects, many feeder circuit breakers, four automatic transfer switches (ATSs), and a single 300-kilowatt (kW) generator. The service switchboard is supplied by a bus duct installed in the Capitol Building basement.

The renovated service was designed to be simpler and code compliant. The new service circuit breaker, current transformer cabinet, and utility meter were designed to be located in the building courtyard. All existing ATSs were designed to be removed and replaced with a single ATS, integral to the new switchboard and fed from the existing 300 kW generator. The new switchboard will replace the existing service equipment and house the new feeder circuit breakers, customer metering, and ATS. All existing panels and loads were designed to be fed from this new switchboard.