Best Management Practices Tracking

Tracking stormwater best management practices using mapFeeder™.

Washington County, Minnesota
Washington Conservation District

The Washington Conservation District (WCD) boundaries encompass seven watershed districts, which were created to address issues that ranged from property damage to preserving wetlands and the environment. Each year, best management practices (BMP) projects, such as rain gardens and other practices to limit the stormwater runoff and pollution, are created in conjunction with local engineering companies. The WCD hired RESPEC to implement mapFeeder™ to assist in tracking project location and maintenance history.

Because of Washington County’s diverse location and rugged terrain, the users needed a technology that could work in remote areas with limited cell-phone coverage. RESPEC employed their mobile solution, which has the ability for disconnected editing, and created a basemap that is downloaded to the device before entering the field. If connectivity is lost, the data are captured on the device and synchronized as soon as connectivity is reestablished. The mobile app also has the ability to tap into county data to automatically retrieve and populate information for contacting property owners. This collaborative project between the WCD and the watershed districts demonstrated how entities can work together to use common terminology and practices to reduce costs and increase efficiency.


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