Project Details

Providing water and wastewater services to extend city development.

Client: City of Brighton, Colorado
Time Span: 2008 - 2009
Location: Brighton, Colorado

RESPEC staff performed analysis and design work to help the City of Brighton extend its water and wastewater services through a developing area of the city. RESPEC analyzed alternative water- and sanitary-sewer-line alignments for 5 miles of 24-inch- and 30-inch-diameter water lines and 6 miles of 15-inch to 24-inch-diameter sanitary-sewer main.

The design was completed for the selected alignments and included a sanitary lift station, 3,400 feet of 10-inch sanitary sewer force main, directional borings under roadways and canal crossings, and close coordination with concurrent adjacent developments.

The City of Brighton expects significant growth to occur in the 15-square-mile area located to the south of the current developed city area. RESPEC was selected by the City of Brighton to determine the demand for regional water and sewer infrastructure and then to design and build the water transmission and wastewater interceptors needed to serve as the truck lines for future development. Once the demand estimates were developed, alternative water and sanitary sewer line alignments were analyzed and an alignment for each system was selected for design.

The design portion of the project entailed preparing construction documents that would extend the City of Brighton’s water and wastewater services southward to 120th Avenue. This $6,400,000 project featured 4.9 miles of 24-inch-diameter water transmission lines; 5.9 miles of sanitary sewer lines ranging in size from 24 inches to 36 inches in diameter; a sanitary lift station and 15-inch force main; two bores under E-470; project permitting; and coordination with adjacent projects for the City of Aurora, Adams County, Prairie Center Development, and South Adams County Water and Sanitary District.

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