Crooked Creek Airport Improvements

Crooked Creek, Alaska
Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities

Realigning and extending the Crooked Creek runway (near-term 3,300 feet, ultimate 4,000 feet) required relocating the apron to obtain proper offset. The project also included a snow removal equipment building siting. A new airport lighting system including accommodations for future FAA PAPI, REIL and ASOS facilities. With the design complete, construction started in 2020. The runway was initially planned for 4,000 feet to accommodate mining activities but cost of construction and maintenance to support “long-range potential” made it most prudent to plan for the longer facility but only construct what is needed in the near term. For the surface course, RESPEC analyzed use of local vs. imported material as well as 9”, 12”, and 15” thicknesses.

Engineers followed a very stringent QC protocol, submitting a formal internal QC review certification as well as CADD files at each submittal. Also, AKDOT&PF brought on a consultant to perform an independent third-party review of the electrical design. These QC processes allowed us to identify areas to improve our designs and processes, and we have taken those steps to make our future products better.

RESPEC met with the AKDOT&PF Project Manager after this project was completed to conduct a post-project performance review. Communication and QC feedback from this review was incorporated into RESPEC’s design checklist for future projects.