Digitizing Processes for the New Mexico Office of Superintendent of Insurance

New Mexico
New Mexico Office of Superintendent of Insurance (OSI)

The Office of Superintendent of Insurance (OSI) is responsible for enforcing laws on insurance matters in the state of New Mexico. Several of these laws and statutes revolve around suing and serving Insurance Companies on behalf of Law Firms and New Mexican residents.

The Service of Process (SOP) application facilitates serving Insurance Companies when sued. Before our implementation, the OSI used a spreadsheet-based process that consumed several hours per day. Our goal with the SOP was to allow the OSI to serve Insurance Companies in a timely manner by eliminating tedious procedures and simplifying complicated legal matters via automation and digitization.

Since our production go-live, end users at the OSI have informed RESPEC that the OSI, law firms, and insurance companies alike appreciate the new system. Our implementation increased the accuracy and accountability of the SOP process while drastically decreasing the required processing time, allowing the OSI agents to focus on more demanding tasks.