Douglas Harbor Power and Lighting

Juneau, Alaska
City and Borough of Juneau

RESPEC designed new power and lighting for Douglas Harbor’s A, B, and C floats. The design included a new uplands switchboard and dock-mounted service equipment and metering.

Lighting for the new floats, head walk, and gangway was provided using an LED lamp source. The gangway lighting consists of a small canopy-mounted linear LED strip. Remote electronic drivers provide power to the LED strips. The head walk is illuminated using pole-mounted area lights with a Type I distribution to put the light on the dock surface and reduce glare on the water. This same type of luminaire was used on the floats, mounted to the power pedestals. Diffused lenses were specified to help reduce glare. Controls for the lighting consist of a photoelectric cell and lighting contactor located in the switchgear.

Power is provided to the shore-tie pedestals with type W cables installed in fiberglass cable trays beneath the deck boards from the switchgear. Each powerhead is equipped with a utility meter, receptacles for shore-tie power, and circuit breakers. Ground fault protection is provided with ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) type circuit breakers in the shore-tie powerheads set to trip with a ground current exceeding 30 milliamperes. Ground fault relays operate shunt trip type circuit breakers on the feeder circuits in the switchgear.