Eagle Materials Technical Support

United States
Eagle Materials

For several years, RESPEC has partnered with Eagle Materials providing a broad range of technical support to sites and corporate office departments. Eagle Materials is the largest U.S.-based cement producer with eight plants supplied by company controlled raw materials operations. Eagle Materials is also a significant wallboard producer, operating five plants, with four supplied by company-controlled gypsum mining operations.

RESPEC has assisted Eagle Materials’ business with due diligence in acquisition of the Kosmos plant and associated Battletown Quarry in 2019, and more recently with sand and gravel resources in Colorado and Nevada. Early in the Colorado due diligence considerations of water and ditch rights were identified as important elements and RESPEC was able to support this aspect of the due diligence through the water rights team within the Water and Natural Resources business unit.

In 2021-2022, RESPEC supported Eagle Materials’ compliance with the new SEC S-K 1300 disclosure regulation. Initial early readiness included gap analysis and data collection across all Eagle mining properties. RESPEC prepared resource and reserve estimates for seven of the eight cement operations, and two of the three gypsum mining operations, supplying three of the four captive wallboard plants. Additional support was provided to others completing the work for the other cement. gypsum, and crushed stone/sand and gravel properties. Preparing the resource and reserve estimates included review of exploration data, preparation of Surpac or Carlson geologic models, pit optimization where appropriate to determine mining limits, mine planning, and completing cost and economic evaluations. Technical report summary documents were prepared summarizing the work underpinning the estimates and RESPEC assisted with preparation of disclosure to meet the new regulations. In 2022-2023, RESPEC supported updates to both a limestone and gypsum operation including exploration to address opportunities identified in the initial evaluations, and updated modeling, mine planning, economics supporting new resource and reserve estimates.