Ed-Fi Real Time Data System

Improving Public Education data quality, accessibility and comparability.

New Mexico Public Education Department

The New Mexico Public Education Department (NM PED) has built over the last few decades, piecemeal data systems to store and manage educational data – a common data integration and interoperability challenge across the country. Data stored in isolated systems that do not communicate with one another along with the lack of a single data standard needed to be addressed in order for required data to be accessible and comparable for analysis and use in the classroom. Also, improving the necessary infrastructure to support real-time analysis was difficult to accomplish with the current legacy systems. Hence, New Mexico PED was looking to replace their outdated, disconnected and low-output reporting system and transform the public education data ecosystem so that data could be effectively utilized by stakeholders.

New Mexico’s Ed-Fi Real-Time Data Project is intended to leverage open source technology, use Ed-Fi as the foundation of a new system, and produce much greater output of high quality, actionable information at a much lower cost at the state and local levels. RESPEC-EASOL was contracted by NM PED to develop the Ed-Fi Real-Time Data Project and help resolve the New Mexico’s data interoperability and infrastructure challenges. The goal is to create high quality data that can be efficiently accessed by the right stakeholders in the right way to support timely decisions that improve teaching and learning to benefit the 338,000 children enrolled in New Mexico’s public schools.

Through this project, RESPEC-EASOL is in charge of:

  • Ed-Fi Implementation – Connecting all districts, charters, to the Ed-Fi system at NM PED.
  • Establishing Ed-Fi as the NM PED data standard, and convert and integrate legacy systems into the New Mexico EASOL / Ed-Fi ecosystem.
  • Supporting local administrators and educators with real-time data dashboards and other tools to better inform decision making that supports student success.
  • Creating interagency data links from early childhood to K12 as well as the Educator Preparation Program to support longitudinal analysis, predictive analytics, and return on Investment analysis.

New Mexico’s operational RESPEC-EASOL / Ed-Fi Real-Time Data ecosystem will be able to efficiently and accurately analyze and report data that enables timely data-based decisions at every level – from the state to the classroom.