Enterprise Learning Management System

Creating a Learning Management System that enables content sharing and delivery for students, teachers and professional staff.

New Mexico Public Education Department

In New Mexico, the Innovative Digital Education and Learning-New Mexico (known as IDEAL-NM) serves over 150,000 learners in over 60 K-12 districts, charter schools, and state agencies.

RESPEC-EASOL was contracted by the New Mexico PED (NM PED) to design and implement an open source Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) solution for the IDEAL-NM. The new LMS replaced the proprietary LMS and enables NM PED to partner with local education agencies across the state to replace their individual proprietary LMS installations. The new installation will also feature an Ed-Fi to Canvas API bridge.

The IDEAL-NM LMS that RESPEC-EASOL developed for NM PED will:

  • Deliver content for students, professional staff and teachers
  • Enable users to deliver and create learning content using various methods
  • Enable users to pull in educational content from third-party sources and deliver that content to students

Under this contract, RESPEC-EASOL was responsible for:

  • Requirements gathering and Focus groups to validate user needs
  • Documenting, designing and developing the IDEAL-NM Learning Management System
  • Analyzing, documenting and importing high-priority content into IDEAL-NM LMS
  • Establishing a NM PED Open Educational Resources (OER) Content Bank
  • Establishing a secure, scalable production environment for IDEAL-NM LMS
  • Creating a custom training plan and conduct training sessions for IDEAL-NM LMS
  • Providing services for production support and help desk
  • Providing ongoing project management, coordination and communication

This new LMS was successfully built and implemented in 4 months.  By utilizing this new LMS, the NM PED will save over $1,000.000 per year in licensing .