First Creek Major Drainageway Plan and Flood Hazard Area Delineation

Mile High Flood District, City of Commerce City and Adams County, Colorado

The Mile High Flood District (MHFD) needed to protect surrounding communities in First Creek from flood risks. They collaborated with RESPEC to create a comprehensive floodplain delineation and master drainage plan. We identified areas of concern, flood-prone regions, and vulnerable stormwater infrastructure through a thorough hydrology and hydraulics analysis.

We worked to ensure the project was executed flawlessly, offering recommendations for flood control measures and infrastructure upgrades. These recommendations included cost estimates and a maintenance plan to ensure sustainability and longevity. We prioritized implementing these recommendations on urgency, cost-effectiveness, and community impact.

To encourage community involvement in the process, RESPEC engaged the public to get their input and build consensus. The master plan was presented online, enhancing accessibility and interactivity. The plan, which set a new direction for future master plans, is now accessible on the MHFD website: FIRST CREEK (D/S OF RMA) MDP AND FHAD – First Creek MDP and FHAD (

Our close collaboration ensured the comprehensive and effective development of the plan, incorporating invaluable insights from stakeholders and field experts. The project’s success is a testament to RESPEC’s dedication, expertise, and commitment to excellence. The floodplain delineation and plan for First Creek is a shining example of how a collaborative effort can yield positive results that benefit the entire community.