Montana Independent Verification & Validation

Providing Independent Verification & Validation services for migrating legacy data to a new tracking system.

2014 - Present
Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Helena, Montana
Montana Department of Environmental Quality

RESPEC’s expertise in Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V) services now extends beyond the sphere of New Mexico government agencies and includes a project for the Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). RESPEC was selected to provide IV&V services for migrating the department’s legacy Remediation Information Management System (RIMS) to the new Tracking Remediation and Environmental Actions Data System (TREADS). The purpose of IV&V is to provide an independent assessment of IT project management and processes and to assess the overall health of the project by tracking the schedule and resources as well as identifying risks. RESPEC’s role is to ensure that the developing product meets the business needs and the project’s goals and objectives by reporting our findings to senior management. This service is particularly important for a system such as TREADS, which stores large volumes of data that support a key regulatory program with federal oversight.