New Mexico Budget Tracking System

Updating budget tracking and generating budget adjustment requests to reflect the current working environment.

Santa Fe, New Mexico
New Mexico Public Education Department

To enable the New Mexico Public Education Department (PED) to manage and coordinate the budgeting process for the hundreds of school districts and charter schools across the state, RESPEC staff first conducted a workflow analysis for budget submissions and approvals and then a workflow analysis for budget changes. Having identified new processes that closely aligned to those of PED, RESPEC staff then developed a custom-built, web-based, C#.NET SQL Server budget tracking data system called the Operating Budget Management System (OBMS). This web-based database and data warehouse system consists of a series of modules that now use a recently reengineered process to automate the submission and email notification approval process for school budgets and budget adjustment requests. Roughly one-half of the state’s $6 billion public education budget is actively managed through the OBMS. PED and RESPEC staff collaborated on reengineering the business process to optimize and automate the workflow process for budget generation, approvals, and tracking by creating a single data repository and set of utilities with role-based security features. RESPEC staff reengineered business processes for grant allocation and reimbursement requests (including dependent charter reimbursement processes) and integrated OBMS with existing district accounting systems via secure, encrypted, and compacted web-based file uploads. RESPEC then configured the servers with load balancing and a storage area network for full redundancy and designed the hardware and the database solution. RESPEC staff developed user and system documentation and related training items, and we still provide the help desk for customer support.

The OBMS, which PED has been using for 10 years, helps automate and manage many aspects of school budgets, including initial planning and approval, adjustments and actuals reconciliation, and historical auditing. The OBMS runs on a large SQL Server database with 1,000 tables and 10 years of operational data.


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Image for Operating Budget Management System (OBMS)

Operating Budget Management System (OBMS)