Observation Wells


In 2020, RESPEC managed the full-procurement drilling of an exploration well with vibrating wire piezometers (VWPs) near Lanigan, Saskatchewan. RESPEC designed the drilling program to ensure that all of Nutrien’s data-collection requirements were met while maintaining cost efficiency. The following briefly summarizes the scope of work:

  • Obtained the drilling license, completed the site survey, and coordinated the surface preparation
  • Solicited bids for all services and provided an authorization for expenditure cost estimate to Nutrien
  • Managed subcontractors and paid invoices on behalf of Nutrien
  • Tracked the costs and schedule
  • Obtained 99 meters of core from the Dawson Bay and Prairie Evaporite with 98 percent recovery
  • Determined core was intact and suitable for assay testing
  • Acquired geophysical logging and DST data
  • Installed 16 VWPs and confirmed they worked correctly.

Zero safety and environmental incidents occurred during this project.