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Providing water-rights assistance to the City of Rapid City, South Dakota.

Client: City of Rapid City
Time Span: 2010 - Present
Location: Rapid City, South Dakota

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Water Rights & Supply

RESPEC staff has served as the primary consultant to the City of Rapid City, South Dakota, for water rights since 2010. This experience has provided us with extensive knowledge of the current water-rights transfer process for Rapid City and the state of South Dakota. RESPEC staff has become acquainted with the water-rights holders and the system of ditches that provide water to the agricultural producers. Several RESPEC staff members have a farming background; therefore, agricultural producers who are considering transferring their water rights to the City can find a level of trust in our advisors. RESPEC created custom crop-water-use assessment tools to facilitate understanding the amount of water historically consumed by the agricultural fields and ultimately available for transfer. RESPEC also helped develop and currently maintains the GIS database used to assess and track current water rights within the Rapid Creek Watershed.