Salmon Creek Water Filtration Plant

Burien, Washington
Southwest Suburban Sewer District

The Salmon Creek Filtration Plant provides filtered and treated water to the Salmon Creek reservoir. RESPEC designed a new filtration plant to filter, treat, and pump more water to the reservoir via a state of the art filtration system and new water pumps. RESPEC designed the power distribution, pump controls, programmable logic controller (PLC) retrofitting, telecommunications, LED lighting, heating, ventilation, filter device communications, and emergency power. RESPEC completed the design for the project in June 2015 and construction was completed in spring 2016.

The power distribution consisted of a new power feeder to a new motor control center in the filtration plant and branch circuits to all new electrical loads. The electrical loads in the filtration plant were fed via cables from a fiberglass cable tray.

The existing obsolete PLCs were retrofitted with new input/output (I/O) modules, central processing units (CPUs), and touchscreen-style Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs). Telecommunications between all PLCs, variable frequency drives (VFDs), HMIs, and miscellaneous computers were established via an Ethernet.

Industrial LED lighting was designed for the interior and exterior of the filtration plant. Photoelectric sensors control the exterior lighting, and manual switches control the interior lighting.

Thermostat-controlled heating and ventilation control the temperature inside the filtration building. Electric-unit heaters with fans and an intake fan with gravity vents keep the interior of the filtration plant at a suitable temperature while providing air exchange.

Emergency power is provided by a battery-equipped uninterruptible power supply (UPS). The filtration building office computer, all PLCs, and some miscellaneous devices are powered from the UPS.