Saltese Flats Wetlands Restoration

Restoring the natural hydrology after a century of change.

2008 - 2016
Spokane, Washington
Spokane County Utilities Division

The Saltese Flats Wetlands in southeastern Spokane County, Washington, faced significant challenges from the area being drained for agricultural purposes in the late 1800s, which caused damage to the natural environment. Spokane County Environmental Services selected RESPEC to provide engineering design and permitting services, including analyzing the hydrology and hydraulics of the area, to help bring this once vibrant region back to life. 

RESPEC aided in restoring the Saltese Flats to their natural state with enhanced wetland features, open-water areas, and stream channels. This project resulted in numerous benefits, such as delaying runoff to recharge the Spokane Valley-Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer, increasing flow in the Spokane River, and providing a diverse wildlife habitat. The area is also an excellent resource for the community and may be used for reclaimed water in the future. 

Our team has played a crucial role in the success of the Saltese Flats project by providing engineering and design aptitude and overseeing the construction phases. Although the project’s ultimate success depends on continued monitoring and improvement efforts, it has the potential to significantly impact the region’s environment and water supply. 

The Saltese Flats wetland restoration project is an essential contribution to the region’s ecosystem and water supply, and RESPEC takes pride in having a role in its success. This project was a challenging yet invaluable undertaking that promises to make a long-lasting impact on the area’s environment and community.