Sandia Small Apps Support

Providing small application software development and database support and supporting efforts to standardize processes.

2008 - Present
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Sandia National Laboratories

RESPEC has been on contract with the Sandia National Laboratories’ (Sandia) Manufacturing Center to provide software development and database support. In this role, RESPEC staff supports the design and development of new web applications using the .NET framework from Microsoft. Although the client’s focus is on Microsoft solutions, RESPEC also supports the growing Oracle database and Java programming technologies. We also provide the primary analysis for customer solution specifications and oversee quality assurance testing. In addition to providing key design and business analysis input, RESPEC staff is supporting efforts to standardize processes for the entire center and individual development teams.

The Small Apps team, which currently includes up to 20 RESPEC employees or professional associates who contribute varying amounts of their time, is considered the go-to IT resource organization within Center 2700 (Manufacturing). The group regularly develops new applications for several divisions throughout the center, including business and personnel applications and software tools for manufacturing. Small Apps has developed multiple productivity applications, which are used for tracking requests, costs, and schedules. If the apps are considered successful, they are made available to Sandia at the corporate level. For example, Small Apps developed Operational Innovation, which is an application that registers employee’s process improvement ideas to reduce Sandia’s costs and track realized cost savings of specific operations.