RESPEC Acquires DeLisi Fitzgerald Inc.

On July 1, 2022, RESPEC acquired DeLisi Fitzgerald, Inc. (DFI), a planning and civil engineering firm in Fort Myers, Florida. This acquisition strengthens RESPEC’s presence in Florida’s west coast market and expands its civil engineering and development services. 

Since 2006, DFI has provided land use planning and civil engineering services in southwest Florida. Over the years, DFI has worked with local governments, non-profit organizations, and private developers to find creative solutions to complex problems. With RESPEC, DFI will transition from an 8-person firm to a company with over 500 employees. 

“We’ve built a strong, competitive presence in the southwest Florida area, working on anything as small as 1 acre to as big as 5,000 acres,” says Andrew Fitzgerald, former President of DFI. “Joining RESPEC gives us the ability to add new people and expand our services for clients.” 

David Brown, a Principal in RESPEC’s Sarasota, Florida, office (formerly Progressive Water Resources), facilitated the contact between RESPEC and DFI. David has partnered with DFI for years on projects and has been impressed by their talent and experience. His history with DFI has shown him that their people, vision, and culture align with RESPEC’s. 

“Drew and I built a collaborative, symbiotic relationship between our two firms,” says David. “We have always worked well together. So, introducing them to RESPEC and pulling their services into the fold made sense.” 

Bringing DFI on board reinforces RESPEC’s expertise in permitting, environmental regulations, and civil engineering. 

“We’re excited to have DFI with us,” says Rick Moser, Vice President of Water and Natural Resources. “We can pair Sarasota’s water resource services with Fort Myer’s civil engineering and development services. This allows us to partner, collaborate, and offer more to clients, from Tampa to Fort Myers.” 

RESPEC welcomes Andrew Fitzgerald, John Wojdak, and all DFI employees to the RESPEC family! 

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